Friday, July 26, 2013

War Hammer Fantasy Railroading by 1" rule doesn't work rule clarification

Edit Further reference has lead me to conclude while the 1" rule doesn't apply, the completing charge rule in front arc to correct arc without contacting others does. I have updated the original image with a corrected version and added an additional.

 edit I could also add pg 13 "any exceptions that apply to chargers... are discussed in the relevant subphase. A few units move in a special way..These are exceptions to the usual rules."

 I should point out if you're worried about bias, I own no random moving models, nor do I use them in the highelf, empire, skaven, vampire counts, chaos , lizardman or dwarf armies I have collected since I started playing back in second edition.

 I play for fun, remember it is perfectly legal to act as if you have been railroaded if you want to play it that way especially if doing otherwise would spoil both your fun, but if you choose not to be railroaded you don't have to be either pg 16 (out of context but quoted for spirit) "so don't let a glib tongued opponent tell you otherwise!" The rules and their spirit support you as does common sense which you are expected to 13"this is quite sensible" "you may wish to nudge the units further apart" pg 22 "as they would do in reality." pg 24"the odd fraction of an inch will appear and disappear..On the whole this need no cause concern."

If there's a contradiction use the special rules even if it breaks or bends the basic ones. However since we play for fun or friendly competition talk about it before hand,you came to play a game not argue rules.

Many players can feel heavily invested in their interpretation of the rules and may not wish to look at them too closely, simply dig their heels in, or divert themselves with spurious examples of how to follow the special rule contradicts a basic one. If they do that ask them where does it say that (in the basic or special rules) and ask them what should you do if a special rule contradicts, breaks or bends a basic one, then give them plenty of time to come to terms with it. Remember how long it took you to be clear on it and you may have been looking to show it didn't work, how much longer will it take someone who believes it does work to make the paradigm shift?

In the meanwhile remember you wanted to have fun and maybe agree to play it their way this time since that's what they based their list on and your way next time, or maybe agree not to have a game of fantasy this time around until you've both had a chance to reread the rules and play something else instead. Don't pressure them, people in a corner tend to fight or flee, they'll either argue or capitulate but they won't have fun and chances are neither will you.

Going to a tournament ask for clarification before hand, feel free to share what I've provided here, but remember it's the rules on the day as interpreted by that particular referee that count even if you disagree with that interpretation, and don't argue with the ref you're wasting valuable game time.

 Finally if you both genuinely feel random movers are too over powered and you need railroading, why not make a house rule to allow it or comp out all random movers (and a few other things)from the lists you play with.