Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Little Spider

The little spider is a story I first told in the mid nineties, making up one day around the table at the childcare I worked at. I still tell it from time to time, and unlike many of my stories it hasn't changed far from the original telling at all.

Recently my niece Laura asked if I still had a recording of it, I didn't but it got me thinking.

She also didn't know I drew, so I quickly sketched out some pictures and then spent the day scanning them in and adding colour using several layers of made safe photo paint. Finally I woke up early before the kids could make to much noise and spent the morning putting this together for her and recording it on photo story 3.

Hope you and Husband Steve enjoy it Laura, this is for you, Merry Christmas.

And merry Christmas to you the Whanau as well.

Hopefully with some holiday time now here I can get out a few more favourites. Ill burn a DVD when I get enough.

Love Uncle.

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